Studying at DAV and building a career

DAV Graduates are in great demand for future employers looking for a well-rounded asset to their company. They distinguish themselves through their ability to develop, improvise, and convey reliable concepts within a team setting.

BVL Seminars - further education for executives

All seminars offered by BVL Seminare reflect the current scientific and practical state of knowledge and experience in the fields of logistics and foreign trade and fulfil the highest quality standards desired.

BVL Campus - a place for live long learning

BVL Campus combines an assortment of different educational opportunities in the field of logistics. The seminars offered, accommodate every career level looking to be attained. Studies at DAV are suited for both part-time and full-time students.

BVL Campus - a strong partner for companies

Do you want to train your employees? Then BVL Campus is the right partner for you. We consistently focus on practical requirements that add business value to your company.

Upcoming seminars

19.09.2016 bis 19.09.2016 in Hannover
ADSp 2016: Geschäftsbedingungen in der Logistik im Umbruch
22.09.2016 bis 23.09.2016 in Bremen
Das 1x1 der Ersatzteillogistik
22.09.2016 bis 23.09.2016 in Raunheim (bei Frankfurt am Main)
SAP Logistik-Lösungen im Vergleich
26.09.2016 bis 11.11.2016 in Bremen
Intensivkurs Logistik

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You can search for seminars of your interest. Please select a subject area, a date or location. Please, be aware that all seminars are held in German.

Recht in der Logistik
Supply Chain Management
Warehouse Management
Zoll und Außenhandel
Fürth (bei Nürnberg)
Ratingen (bei Düsseldorf)
Raunheim (bei Frankfurt am Main)
Recklinghausen (bei Dortmund)
Schwalbach (bei Frankfurt am Main)
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The degree course at the DAV was the ideal addition to my qualification as a forwarding merchant. In addition to acquiring subject knowledge, I have also acquired important key qualifications early for my future career path through team and practical work. The network of DAV graduates and the BVL in general offer valuable contacts in professional life. After 20 years I would still choose the DAV again.”

Martin Nether (CEO, graduated in 1995 )

The BVL Campus teaches current, practically relevant knowledge and secures a rapid Return on Education””. Due to the wide range of education programmes, the BVL Campus is an ideal partner for companies with sustainable personnel strategies.”

Sven Möller (Dipl.-Kfm, Managing Director Institute for Manufacturing Excellence GmbH, Martiensried)

When it comes to top-educated logistics experts, the BVL Campus is the right address. Just as Benjamin Franklin said so beautifully: an investment in knowledge always pays the best interest.”

Tobias Krüger (Director of Sales and Company Communication and Member of the Board at Oskar Schunck GmbH & Co. KG.)

"The compact logistics course is an exceptional opportunity for us to quickly and concisely refresh the logistics and management knowledge of our employees in a concise and compact form and to integrate it into the concept of the Duvenbeck Academy. The practical project is also ideal for the participants to gain insights into the logistics processes of other companies.”

Thomas de Roy (Manager Duvenbeck Academy)